The feeling

He never failed to appear

I never failed to notice

Charming and naughty

Wild and reckless

Was all that described him

Funny was the feeling

The rythmic throbbing of my heart

Brought about by his presence

Accelerated by his look

Deny the more

Intensive the feeling becomes

Love in denial it was

A feeling wanted so much

But dreaded the most

Awesome it felt

Fear it brought

All in all the end is the same

I couldnt escape

Captured was my heart

A victim l was

Completely at the mercy of his love

We call it love

We call it the feeling.


My valentine 2

I began thinking of what to explain to Savor. I knew he was not going to buy my lies. He would definetely turn me in to the police. I had to think of something pretty fast. I thought hard and finally an idea began forming at the back of my mind. Very quickly i formulated a plan.

“Savor, Savor, Mr.Graysum,” i called but there was no response. Fear overwhelmed me once again. I had to act pretty fast. I grabbed a bottle of water that was placed on the tray on the table and poured on him. Thank God that worked. Before he could familiarise with his surrounding,i asked him to dress up while i packed his belonging.

“Where are we going?”he asked.

I knew this was going to be difficult but didnt know how much difficult.

“Somewhere,away from this,” i said pointing at his girlfriend. It took him a while to register what he was looking at and when he did,he became hysterical.

“You killed her,you! You are going to pay for this,just wait till the cops get here,”he said while searching for his phone. I was smart enough to switch off his phone and keep it away from his reach.

“Are you looking for this,” i asked waving his phone before me.

“Yeah,give it to me,”

“You get it after we get out of here. I think you are done dressing so let’s go.”

“Am not going anywhere with you bitch. Now give me my damn phone.”

“This bitch saved your poor ass from becoming more poor and can as well pull you down just by a snap of her fingers,you seem to forget that handsome.”

“You think you can still control me with that? Am way past that Miss Suarez. You can as well move on and find someone else to control. Thanks for your help though.”

What! This wasnt the Savor i knew. Savor wouldnt dare talk back at me like that. Where did all that courage come from? I could see him smiling at the corner of my eye,probably satisfied by my shocked expression. Little did he know that this was just the beginning. When the vibe changes,also change yours because once we dont vibe we dont work. I knew just how to play this game and i was ready for every blow thrown my way.

“Mr. Graysum,” i called.

“What!” He snapped.

“We share something in common.”

“Which is???”

“Our numerous dirty secrets.”

The mystery

He kept looking

He searched for what he wanted

He felt at peace

He felt calm.

He looked at her

The more he looked

The more he knew

He couldnt run away.

It became a torture

Unlike any other

This was different

It was complicated.

It was love

Love in the wrong direction

Love that could never be returned

Cousin love,a taboo.

Independent lady

Tick tock tick tock

Goes the sound of the alarm

Up and alert

She rushes to her jaccuzi.

In half an hour

She is ready for the day

Her spirits uplifted with a cup of coffee

She spints off to work.

Being an early bird

She is first to arrive

And quickly bends over her paper work

Possessed with her job.

Turning down invitations

Shooing away social gatherings

She works and works

A workaholic she is.

Breathing work,living her work

She expects results

And gradually she rises up the social ladder

Ready to conquer men.

It shouldn’t have ended like that

She felt inferior to him. She couldnt believe she was dating him. She found it hard accepting she was now his girlfriend. She was so insecure. Marlon had everything he wanted. His parents were rich,maybe billionaires. They could get him anything he wanted. He lived a life many people would give an arm and leg for. He was social,outgoing,happy but one thing that really made her worried was he was never a hardworker. Yes,he got everything he wanted but never through making himself work so hard. He was proud of her. He said he really loved her,made everybody believe so.

Mercion dreamed of a life like his. Unlike Marlon,she couldnt get everything she wanted. She had to work really hard to get what she wanted. Her family was not above at the social ladder neither were they below. They worked so hard to get what they had and so she knew the meaning of hardwork. She never let her parents down,was always at the top rank in her class.

She reflected on what Marlon had done for her. He had done a lot for her beginning with the expensive dinner dates,short vacation trips,dresses and shoes he bought,his little fancy treats. He truly loved her. He saw his future with her.

“Mercion,”Marlon called out.

“Yes dear,”she replied.

“I would like to take you to meet my family.”

“What!” She said,choking on the food she was eating.

“Why are you surprised? Dont you want to meet my family?” Marlon asked,surprised at her reaction.

“Umh,that’s not the case. I would really love to meet your family but dont you think it’s too early for this?”

“Nothing is ever too early or late for love dear. I love you and meeting my family is not going to change that. Besides,they really want to meet the girl am dating. Please!”

Mercion was not comfortable with the idea. She felt it was too early for her. Given their social differences,she wasnt sure of how to behave before them. Nevertheless,she loved Marlon deeply and couldnt say no to his request. She sighed.

“Ok,when are we going?”

“Tonight. Thankyou so much for accepting to come. I love you,” he said smiling at her.

“Marlon,tonight??? Are you kidding?”

“Am not. It’s tonight. Am so happy,cant wait to be…”he stops after realising Mercion is downcast.” What’s wrong dear? You dont look happy.”

“Am okay. It’s just that i dont think i have something to wear for the dinner.”

“Dont worry love,we are going shopping after this. Before you say no,let’s go. The car is waiting outside.”

Marlon bought her a red valentine dress with a sweetheart neckline accompanied with silver heels. She was ready by seven just as instructed. She heard the sound of a car entering their compound and instantly knew it was Marlon. She rushed downstairs to say goodbye to her parents.

“Mum,dad,he is here.”

“Yes baby,we heard him arrive. Go before he gets anxious. And be a good girl,remember your manners.”

“Yes mum,love you all.”

“Love you too our baby.”

She went out and found Marlon at the doorstep.

“Hey babe,you look beautiful in that dress.” He said while taking her hand and heading her to the car. They drove in silence each lost in their own thoughts. It took them 30 minutes to reach the mansion. She stared at the beautiful white building in amazement. It was bigger than she thought it would be. How does the inside look like? She wondered in silence. She followed Marlon silently as they entered the house.

“Mum,dad,we are here,”he called out. His mother came out of the kitchen at once. She looked elegant and beautiful. She embraced them before heading back to the kitchen for final preparations. His father came in next and did the same. Some of their relatives were also there since it was a family dinner. It wasnt long before they were called to the dining area. She tried to behave just like the rest of them. She answered the questions directed to her politely and in the best possible way. Dinner was successful and she interacted with most of them. They were so good to her. After dinner Marlon drove her back home and thanked her for being there.

It had been a week after the dinner and she had not seen Marlon. She was beginning to get worried. He called less unlike before when he used to call her on a daily basis. What was going on with him? Did i do something wrong? She asked herself several questions but found no answers to them. She decided to call him. She asked him to meet her and he accepted. Thay had coffee together,talked about how their lives had been since they had dinner before Marlon decided to spill the beans.

“Mercion,”he called.

“Yes,”she answered.

After a long silence between them,he answered,“We have to break up.”

“What! Am i dreaming? Why? What did i do wrong? I can change. Just tell me what i did.”

“You did nothing wrong and please dont make this more difficult for me. Let us part in peace. Stay away from me. Okay?”

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? Marlon,i thought you loved me. Where is all this coming from?”

“Just accept it. We cant be in a relationship anymore.”

“Give me a reason Marlon and i will stay away from you.”

After she persisted for some time,Marlon ended up telling the truth.

“Why Marlon? You cant just do this with no proper reason. Talk to me.”

“Okay. My parents want us to break up. They forced me to do this. They dont want to see you near me,”he answered tears streaming down his chubby cheeks.

“What!”Mercion mouthed. This had been her biggest insecurity. She had to take it either way.

Victim of love

He is always there

He never goes away

He chooses to terrorize

His priority is to control.

He captured my soul

He made me a victim

He locked me up in the dark

I become only a victim.

Stronger in the outside

Yet vulnerable in the inside

Much as i hate to admit it

I am a victim of torture

A victim of love

Love that no longer exists.

The model edition

There she was

Vibrant and charming

Elegant in the red silk dress

Matched perfectly with red stilletos.

Perfect she was

With classy curves perfectly revealed

Swaying her hips left to right

She stood out among millions.

Edsheeran’s happier on the stereo

She swayed her hips to the tune

Millions staring at her

She carefully catwalked down the aisle.